How to Choose the Best Sex Applications

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There have been numerous changes in technology, and most of them are for our good. We can shop online and have goods delivered at our doorsteps. It is now possible to study from home and to enjoy many more benefits. We cannot ignore the power that has leaned towards sex as well. If you are the type that loves online dating and sex, you will agree with me that dating sites will help you get a casual date or even a lifetime partner. It depends on your luck and what you are looking for.

Having already said that there are many sites, you must understand that not all of them are quality. Some are of poor quality, invented and ran by robots. Such applications have many false promises, and they will never deliver the advertised products. So, how are you supposed to differentiate between the good and bad sex applications? Read on.


Research is key to any successful search. If an application is genuine and famous, you will find many articles written about it, and people will be talking about it. If you are keen enough, it will be easy for you to weed out the bad applications from your list. Go through their applications and see if the websites are active and well outlined. Do not forget to check the review section. What previous customers say about a page matters and should be taken into account in your decision making.


As already hinted above, reviews should be taken seriously in your search for sex applications. A reputable website will have many positive reviews and high ratings. In addition to that, a popular app will have many downloads. The reviews and ratings should guide you to the best applications. Read the positive, negative and exciting reviews with a lot of concentration. Professional reviews will give you valuable insight about the app, but at times they might be biased. We encourage people to embark more on the personal reviews from previous clients.

Beware of Fake Profiles and Spam Applications

Some people create sex applications with the intention of collecting clicks for revenue from ads or affiliate websites. If you get invitations for casual encounters immediately after you log into the site, chances are that the application is fake. Be keen on the language used and the pictures used before you click on any pop-ups.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an Escort

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When staying in a new location, it is a good idea to choose an escort. Although you may want have an escort immediately, you need to be aware that there are several con men and women out there. Thus, they may end up swindling you of your hard-earned cash and even fail to offer what they promise. To ensure you get the right escort, you should consider following tips:


Usually, rates depend on duration you want to spend with the escort and the services he or she offers. Other important considerations are whether you are going to pick him or her, or there is a cab to pick her or him.hire escorts on budget

Your preferences

Which features are you looking for in an escort? Small breasts, green eyes, blue eyes, height, bust, or weight? Do you want an escort who speaks same language as you? These are some important factors to take into account when hiring an escort.

Reputation of agency

Moreover, you need to check the agency whether it has negative client reviews, and hidden costs.

Check directory

You need to check the directory for latest escorts you have on the market and various services they offer. Usually, a directory will contain a detailed list of registered escorts. A reputable escort urgency is one that strives to cater for various clients from a wide range of backgrounds. Ensure you get an escort whom you can speak the same language.

Background checks

This is done by searching the escort’s contacts and location. You can then call or visit to check their authenticity. Never rush to pay, before you are sure that you are dealing with a genuine agency and that it is going to offer everything they promise.background checks of escorts

Good listening skills

You need a reliable escort who is ready to listen to you. The fact that you are paying him or her for services offered, he or she should do everything to impress you. It is quite easy to know a good listener as he or she will follow your instructions carefully from the first day. Usually, escort agencies hire good listeners as they are the ones who can bring more clients.

You also need to consider other important factors such as personality, age, and level of education.

Roles Played by the Female Escorts

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Female escorts are girls entitled sexual services though not necessarily sexual intercourse. Their roles deviate a bit from the prostitutes since they are not solely objected to commercial sex but they only end up taking part in this as a source of earning a living. They play the following roles as escort girls;

Act as Models

sexy lady resting on sandThese girls act as strippers and they are always clothed in a sexy and attractive manner with an intention of being noble brand ambassadors of that particular pub. For instance, some people not only frequent a particular pub because it offers affordable and good services but also the type of escort girls used to market it.

The sexier these ladies are, the more they attract more clients. Some people are contented with just seeing a beautiful lady serving them even if they won’t have sexual feelings for them.

Offer Massages

Escort girls are known for good massaging techniques. A well-trained lady does good managing that will not only be satisfactory to the clients but also, keeps them coming back for more. This is already acting as an ambassador since through this, many clients will refer their colleagues. Escort girls are meant to make the clients stress-free and relaxed. In some big pubs, this is part of the services but some pay for massages. Good massaging tend to attract a huge number of clients, therefore, the more perfect the escort girls are, the more the clients.

Offer Sex

Although most escort girls can play their role without necessarily including sexual intercourse like the prostitutes, it is so obvious that in such an environment, they end up being of importance to the sexual desire needs of the clients at the pubs. Escort agencies take advantage of them and act as a link to the clients. They end up making money by facilitating commercial sex between these girls and the clients. Some escort girls are even forced to take part in the commercial sex, unlike a prostitute who walks out of the house with this intention. The squirting during sex is one of the things that make the female escorts be on demand.

Act as Soothers

sexy lady posingThey tend to help the clients reduce their stresses by soothing conversations. There are clients who only require gentle treatment as a way of living a stress-free life. Social, talkative, and out-going female escorts are mostly prioritized in such roles. Considering a boring and moody escort girl will only worsen the situations. Soothing requires a good relationship between two people. It begins as a general contractor job relationship and it might grow into something bigger.

Besides, these escort girls are entitled to playing different sex roles in the movie shooting. Some act as nurse, school girl, and interviewers and interviews escort girls. It is always a bad experience at first but after getting used to it, they get addicted to it. Escorts are considered legal as compared to prostitution. Literally, just as someone who escorts someone, they are more of friends and not sex companions as commercial sex workers. This explains why prostitution is unlawful in most countries.

Common Questions Men Ask about Sex Addiction

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How can I know am a sex addict?

There are various red flags, which can signal addiction to sex. If you are using sexual activities whether phone sex, masturbation, prostitution, intercourse, chat rooms, and viewing pornography as a numbing agent, then he is addicted to sex. Spending a lot of money viewing pornography for more than six hours per week is another sign of addiction. This behavior is likely to cause problems with your spouse, family, or friends.

Can I be cured?

sex addictionSeveral sex addicts have reported having brought their sexual behavior to control. In fact, there are many treatment methods. For instance, some men go to rehabilitation facilities, therapy sessions, and others use medication to control their behavior. Also, you can look for a trustworthy person who can help you. If you are addicted to pornography, you can use programs that block pornographic material.

Are you going to give up sex?

Unlike chemical dependencies that are related to drugs, alcohol, sex is considered to be part of life. Although abstinence is part of the treatment, it seeks to offer unwanted and troublesome sexual activities under control. In this way, sex can no longer cause harm. You may have to stop viewing pornographic videos or looking for prostitutes. The idea here is to stop the harmful sexual behavior, rather than giving up on sex.

Is it real?

sex addictionSome people believe that sex addiction is not real. Instead, they consider it as a result of conflicting social morals and norms. Although others agree that sex addiction is rife, they do not consider it to be serious as compared to addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are seeking treatment for sex addiction, first you will need to agree that you have a problem. In fact, a lot of people have sought treatment for this problem and reported amazing results.

What causes sexual addiction?

There is no definite cause for this problem. In fact, each person may have varying reasons. Most sex addicts are said to be abused at a tender age, and they grow up having a distorted view of sex. Others have attributed it to the earlier accessibility of the pornographic material. Also, those people that like using sex as a numbing agent when they are faced with a difficult issue end up becoming sex addicts. Moreover, individuals that grow up with neglect, abuse, enmeshment, and abandonment are likely to become sex addicts.

How to Increase Libido

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A lot of people, both men and women suffer from libido, or low sex drive. This means that they have a lot of trouble enjoying or initiating sexual situations. Fortunately, with good planning, patience, and having a considerate partner, you can easily get the romantic spark into your bedroom.

libidoIf you are going to have a romantic night, you can start to set the mood in advance by eating foods such as oysters, chocolates, and strawberries that can raise sex drive. Also, a moderate amount of alcoholic beverage or wine is likely to help you relax. However, you ought to be careful as excessive consumption is likely to result in poor performance. You can ask your partner to play with you some of your fantasies. It is a good idea to learn a lot about how to reduce stress. The following are some steps to follow to increase your libido.

Develop a positive attitude

To increase your libido, you need to keep the stress levels low. When you feel self-confident, you can feel more attractive and sexual to your partner. The truth is that prolonged stress can greatly diminish a person’s interest in sex. If you have stressful jobs, or you commute long distances, your sex drive is likely to get pinched.

Eat special foods

It is advisable to add certain special supplements and foods to increase your libido. In fact, natural supplements help fight vaginal dryness and increase blood flow. You should be careful not rely on them. Some of the natural supplements that have been proven to increase libido include zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. The good thing about these nutrients is that they increase sperm count, enhance prostate gland functionality, and improve sperm mobility.

Be prepared psychologically

psychological effect on libidoYou should note that a person’s sexual desire can be triggered or even dampened by environmental stimuli. Ensure you do not ruin the mood. Thus, you can remove some items from the bedroom such as photos of children and parents as you may think they are staring on you. Also, remove books, papers, and other work-related files.

Prepare for intimacy

It is advisable to prepare your partner for intimacy. Chocolate and coffee are useful. Thus, if they are available, you can eat or drink beforehand. Alcoholic drinks and wine can help you to relax. Avoid overconsumption as it will make you pass out.