libido sex

A lot of people, both men and women suffer from libido, or low sex drive. This means that they have a lot of trouble enjoying or initiating sexual situations. Fortunately, with good planning, patience, and having a considerate partner, you can easily get the romantic spark into your bedroom.

libidoIf you are going to have a romantic night, you can start to set the mood in advance by eating foods such as oysters, chocolates, and strawberries that can raise sex drive. Also, a moderate amount of alcoholic beverage or wine is likely to help you relax. However, you ought to be careful as excessive consumption is likely to result in poor performance. You can ask your partner to play with you some of your fantasies. It is a good idea to learn a lot about how to reduce stress. The following are some steps to follow to increase your libido.

Develop a positive attitude

To increase your libido, you need to keep the stress levels low. When you feel self-confident, you can feel more attractive and sexual to your partner. The truth is that prolonged stress can greatly diminish a person’s interest in sex. If you have stressful jobs, or you commute long distances, your sex drive is likely to get pinched.

Eat special foods

It is advisable to add certain special supplements and foods to increase your libido. In fact, natural supplements help fight vaginal dryness and increase blood flow. You should be careful not rely on them. Some of the natural supplements that have been proven to increase libido include zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. The good thing about these nutrients is that they increase sperm count, enhance prostate gland functionality, and improve sperm mobility.

Be prepared psychologically

psychological effect on libidoYou should note that a person’s sexual desire can be triggered or even dampened by environmental stimuli. Ensure you do not ruin the mood. Thus, you can remove some items from the bedroom such as photos of children and parents as you may think they are staring on you. Also, remove books, papers, and other work-related files.

Prepare for intimacy

It is advisable to prepare your partner for intimacy. Chocolate and coffee are useful. Thus, if they are available, you can eat or drink beforehand. Alcoholic drinks and wine can help you to relax. Avoid overconsumption as it will make you pass out.