penis representation

There have been many questions about whether the penile size is a big deal in ensuring optimal sexual activity. Does size matter? Well, a bigger penis is not only essential for a man’s great sexual activity but also makes him confident. It enhances deeper penetration and better orgasms. Luckily, there are several fantastic ways to increase penile size for those who feel under-endowed. Let’s look at some of the ways men can use to lengthen their shafts.


erect penisStretching has come to be one of the most popular ways of increasing the size of the penis. Besides being a straightforward exercise, this method is natural and does not harbor any side effects. It is a manual way that involves mechanical stretching of the penis in all angels.

You have to be careful not to stretch it too much as this can inflict extra strain on the soft muscles and tissues that make up the penis. It is a quick activity that will only take you about 2 minutes. For better results, it has to be repeated routinely.


Aside from increasing the penile size, kegel is an instrumental exercise that will enhance a strong and long-lasting erection. It also helps to improve the blood flow in your penis, which enhances healthy sexual intercourse. If you want to be a full rock-hard boner, you got to try this. It is equally a simple activity that will only take you about 30 minutes. For progressive and better results, it is recommended to do kegel routinely. Your penis tissues will take some time to adapt, but you will recognize a steady increase in your penis in the long run.

Opposite Stretch

penis representationOpposite stretch is one of the most effective ways to increase penile size. A simple activity that takes you about 5 minutes involves holding the head of your penis gently with both arms and pulling. Your arms should stretch in opposite directions. Just be gentle enough not to cause too many stretches that might cause you some discomfort.

You verify that you are doing the right thing if you feel the stretch alone and not the pain. Opposite stretch, just like any other activities takes time, and to realize progressive results, you must learn to do it routinely.

Other than the above , use of vacuum pump and enlargement pills can help to increase the size of the penis.Consistency in exercises or stretching is necessary to achieve desired penile size. However, it is necessary to take care not to cause any injuries or pain to the sexual organ.