attractive sexy lady

Female escorts are girls entitled sexual services though not necessarily sexual intercourse. Their roles deviate a bit from the prostitutes since they are not solely objected to commercial sex but they only end up taking part in this as a source of earning a living. They play the following roles as escort girls;

Act as Models

sexy lady resting on sandThese girls act as strippers and they are always clothed in a sexy and attractive manner with an intention of being noble brand ambassadors of that particular pub. For instance, some people not only frequent a particular pub because it offers affordable and good services but also the type of escort girls used to market it.

The sexier these ladies are, the more they attract more clients. Some people are contented with just seeing a beautiful lady serving them even if they won’t have sexual feelings for them.

Offer Massages

Escort girls are known for good massaging techniques. A well-trained lady does good managing that will not only be satisfactory to the clients but also, keeps them coming back for more. This is already acting as an ambassador since through this, many clients will refer their colleagues. Escort girls are meant to make the clients stress-free and relaxed. In some big pubs, this is part of the services but some pay for massages. Good massaging tend to attract a huge number of clients, therefore, the more perfect the escort girls are, the more the clients.

Offer Sex

Although most escort girls can play their role without necessarily including sexual intercourse like the prostitutes, it is so obvious that in such an environment, they end up being of importance to the sexual desire needs of the clients at the pubs. Escort agencies take advantage of them and act as a link to the clients. They end up making money by facilitating commercial sex between these girls and the clients. Some escort girls are even forced to take part in the commercial sex, unlike a prostitute who walks out of the house with this intention. The squirting during sex is one of the things that make the female escorts be on demand.

Act as Soothers

sexy lady posingThey tend to help the clients reduce their stresses by soothing conversations. There are clients who only require gentle treatment as a way of living a stress-free life. Social, talkative, and out-going female escorts are mostly prioritized in such roles. Considering a boring and moody escort girl will only worsen the situations. Soothing requires a good relationship between two people. It begins as a general contractor job relationship and it might grow into something bigger.

Besides, these escort girls are entitled to playing different sex roles in the movie shooting. Some act as nurse, school girl, and interviewers and interviews escort girls. It is always a bad experience at first but after getting used to it, they get addicted to it. Escorts are considered legal as compared to prostitution. Literally, just as someone who escorts someone, they are more of friends and not sex companions as commercial sex workers. This explains why prostitution is unlawful in most countries.