sex addict

How can I know am a sex addict?

There are various red flags, which can signal addiction to sex. If you are using sexual activities whether phone sex, masturbation, prostitution, intercourse, chat rooms, and viewing pornography as a numbing agent, then he is addicted to sex. Spending a lot of money viewing pornography for more than six hours per week is another sign of addiction. This behavior is likely to cause problems with your spouse, family, or friends.

Can I be cured?

sex addictionSeveral sex addicts have reported having brought their sexual behavior to control. In fact, there are many treatment methods. For instance, some men go to rehabilitation facilities, therapy sessions, and others use medication to control their behavior. Also, you can look for a trustworthy person who can help you. If you are addicted to pornography, you can use programs that block pornographic material.

Are you going to give up sex?

Unlike chemical dependencies that are related to drugs, alcohol, sex is considered to be part of life. Although abstinence is part of the treatment, it seeks to offer unwanted and troublesome sexual activities under control. In this way, sex can no longer cause harm. You may have to stop viewing pornographic videos or looking for prostitutes. The idea here is to stop the harmful sexual behavior, rather than giving up on sex.

Is it real?

sex addictionSome people believe that sex addiction is not real. Instead, they consider it as a result of conflicting social morals and norms. Although others agree that sex addiction is rife, they do not consider it to be serious as compared to addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are seeking treatment for sex addiction, first you will need to agree that you have a problem. In fact, a lot of people have sought treatment for this problem and reported amazing results.

What causes sexual addiction?

There is no definite cause for this problem. In fact, each person may have varying reasons. Most sex addicts are said to be abused at a tender age, and they grow up having a distorted view of sex. Others have attributed it to the earlier accessibility of the pornographic material. Also, those people that like using sex as a numbing agent when they are faced with a difficult issue end up becoming sex addicts. Moreover, individuals that grow up with neglect, abuse, enmeshment, and abandonment are likely to become sex addicts.